Cupcake Bingo

Cupcake Bingo

Deposit £10 and get £50 worth bingo tickets + 10 Spins

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  • Rooms: 75 Ball, 90 Ball,
  • Min. Deposit: £/$/€ 5
  • Currency: CAD, Euro, GBP, USD,
  • Software: DragonFish,
  • Min. Withdrawal: £/$/€ 5
  • Deposit Methods: ApplePay, Bank Transfer, Inretac, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, Pay by Phone, PayPal, PaySafe, Visa, Visa Debit,

Cupcake Bingo no deposit

Cupcake Bingo is developing game gambling site with fast rising number of the members and charming appearance. Website has great deal of character, making it very appealing to the potential customers from outset.

But, it is not just aesthetics that will make Cupcake Bingo successful web site with satisfied clientele, also there are a wide variety of the offers, which add to attraction of joining website as well as becoming regular customer.

Cupcake Bingo Bonuses

Becoming member in Cupcake Bingo gives immediate awards in shape of the free money by which you may play. When you have registered, then you need to make first deposit of around £10 & Cupcake Bingo may credit your account with extra £20.

If you want to deposit larger sum on first visit, then Cupcake Bingo will reward you with 250% bonus, to value of £200.

Following original welcome bonus, you are entitled to separate bonus each time when you make new deposit. When you transfer some money in your Cupcake Bingo account, then you can immediately get additional 50% of sum as bonus.

Cupcake Bingo Free Bingo

Very appealing facet of Cupcake Bingo experience is they permit to play online bingo for free when granting you have an opportunity to win various prizes.

Just by becoming member you will take part in various free bingo games, which are on an offer, also you can find yourself winning prize of £30 by taking part.

Prizes, which are accessible differ greatly from one game to other, however there are lots of options throughout month where there is guaranteed jackpot on stake.

On last Friday, for example, the members in Cupcake Bingo are provided a chance to take part in “Make a Mint” games, which offer £3,000 as guaranteed jackpot. The cards for this game geneally cost 10p each, it means it is excellent value for your money.

Cupcake Bingo Promotions

Very famous part of experience is offer of an instant prize games, which is giving you an opportunity to play quick games as alternative to standard 75 ball bingo or else 90 ball bingo, which are available, or slot machines, which are on this site.

There are 8 instant prize games on an offer, like Hi-Lo Shuffle, Lotto, Scratch Card as well as Bee Happy. All these games will give members an chance to play for 20p purchase as well as win anywhere to £15,000, it depends on a game, which is chosen.

Live Chat feature permits members to come in contact with each other, and offering feedback on games, which they have taken part and advice on how you can make most of by playing on this website.

Cupcake Bingo is an innovator of online bingo, thanks to their flagship offer: free bingo. Indeed, they were the revolutionary company that first offered free bingo backed by real cash prizes to players.

CupcakeBingo Games

Obviously, this led to a quick rise in popularity, but they remain at the top of the industry because they continue to provide some of the best games and customer service in the business.

Now, while some sites might offer “free games”, they could limit what you are able to play or even how you can take advantage of the feature. At Cupcake Bingo, though, you can enjoy all of the benefits in any of their bingo rooms.

This includes 75- and 90-ball games, even those with progressive jackpot prizes, but you can also play a variety of slot machine, scratch ticket games, and casino-style mini games if you need a change of pace and scenery.

They even have a guaranteed prize of 5,000 every Friday night, and you can buy tickets in advance and win without having to log in!

Cupcake Bingo is, indeed, a great site, and this partly due to their implementation of Dragonfish software.

This software is actually owned by one of the biggest names in online casino gaming, but their relationship seems to be mutually beneficial as both parties seem to coexist in the same gaming world peacefully and harmoniously.

This, of course, is to the great benefit of their members who not only get access to stunning features, but quality security and service as well.

At Cupcake Bingo you can expect not only to have a good time, but also make some friends. You can also expect to have peace of mind as their server is extremely secure.