Bingo Tips & Rules

How to Play Online Bingo

Bingo is very simple and easy to learn

Bingo tips: the first thing you have to know is that in every bingo game there is a board to write the numbers that have already been called as well as the game’s model or pattern. Besides, there is a person in charge of calling the numbers of the balls drawn.

It is very important to pay attention to the pattern of the game, that is, the raw you have to complete in order to win. Each pattern has a particular difficulty, some being easier than others. The simplest ones are made up of a horizontal, vertical or diagonal straight line.

The numbers are called as they are drawn, with intervals of no more than ten seconds, and for that reason it is really necessary to pay attention and mark the bingo cards quickly and with precision.

The game goes on until one or more players shout “Bingo” when they complete the card or the pattern. Once “Bingo” is called, the game stops and the numbers are verified, as well as the pattern. If there is only one winner, he or she receives the whole prize, if not, the money is divided among the winners in equal parts.

To start the game again, new cards are dealt, a new model is selected and the game begins once more.

How to Play Online Bingo

If you are new to the internet and playing bingo online it really is quite simple and with a little patience you will discover such a wonderful world open up to you that you will ask yourself why you waited so long.

The first thing you need to do is find an online bingo site you like. Maybe it’s the color or the theme or bonus offer but you will find what suites you by looking around. We provide you some of what we consider to be the best reputable online bingo sites.

One way to find a good site is to visit their Live Help that most all quality sites have on there home page. A good site should offer this feature 24/7. If a site is very popular they may take a minute or two before they start chatting but it should be a reasonable time frame. Chat with them and ask them any questions you may have about their bingo site.

This will give you an idea of how they will treat you as a paying customer. Many bingo sites will offer you a chance to play bingo for free to try them out. Usually they offer free cards or free bonus money. This is a nice way for you to get to know the players and there chat hosts as well as the type of chat games they offer while you play bingo.

How to Register at an Online Bingo Site

Once you have decided on a bingo site you must first register a member account with them. You will need to fill out (usually) a very short form. You will choose an (alias) or (nickname) that you will go by when playing in chat or dealing with customer service.

Choose something fun that you would like people to know you by. You will then need to choose a password so that you are the only one who can access your account. It should be simple enough for you to remember but difficult enough that no one will no what it is that might have access to your computer.

Finally you will need to supply an email address so that your account can be activated. Some sites may require you supply you first and last name, address and telephone before activating your account or giving you free bonus money. Don’t worry about this because legitimate sites have encryption and very high security so there is know need to worry about your information being insecure.

The easiest way to verify if a site is secure is once you have started the registration process and get into the site you will see at the top of your screen in the browser their address. If the address has an S in the “https” then the site is secure. Usually the home page will not have this because this is a public page and only when you enter the site through your nickname and password will you see the https://.

This is where you will make deposits, withdrawals and other transactions that will need security. After registration you will need to go to the email address you provided so that you can activate your account.

The bingo site will send you an activation/welcome email. In this email there should be a link that is highlighted in blue that will instantly activate your account and take you to the bingo site. If the blue link does not work you may need to send them an email or go to their live help on their home page so they can assist you.

Depending on the site you will only need to give your full information once you are ready to play bingo for money. To play bingo for real you will need to give your first name and last name along with your mailing address and phone number.

This is necessary to fund your account and so any withdrawals you may make can be verified with you online processor. Good sites also give real prizes and will need your correct mailing address so they can send you your prize.

How to Deposit Money to Your Online Bingo Account

There are many ways to deposit money into your online bingo account. Traditionally, you could just use your Visa or MasterCard credit card.

This has been increasingly difficult as many of the banks who issue these cards do not allow you to Play online bingo games with their cards. The only way to really know is to try your card at the online bingo site you wish to play at.

You will either be declined or approved. If approved start having big bingo fun! If you are not approved we recommend you open an account an alternate deposit methods.

How to Withdraw Winnings from Your Online Bingo Account

To withdraw winnings from your online bingo account will vary from site to site. As most bingo sites offer deposit bonuses and other bonus monies you may end up receiving 3-4 bonus dollars to every real dollar you deposit.

This is great in that you get a good value for your buck and get to play longer but has created a variable not associated with land based bingo.

These sites that offer bonus monies have developed a system called play through to level the playing field so to speak.

You may have to wager your deposit money and bonus money from 2 times to 15 times depending on whether you play bingo only or casino games as well. Many online bingo sites also offer slots, video poker and other casino games.

When Can You Withdraw your Winnings?

Again, this will vary from site to site but you can expect to have a certain day or days of the week where withdrawals are processed. This could be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Or this could be every Thursday. Some sites are now processing withdrawals every day. We recommend your read each sites withdrawal rules carefully as they can differ greatly from site to site.

Some sites put their rules clearly on the site, usually under the banking section, others you may need to contact by email or Live Help to get a detailed explanation.

There's loads of new bingo chat emoticons and a huge list of great sounds (it's gr8 fun but don't overdo it!)

:-() Big mouth (User has rambled on)
:-7 User just made a wry statement
:'-) User is so happy s/he is crying
🙂 Smiling
😉 Winking
🙁 Frowning
🙂 Smiling, with a nose
%-) User has been staring at a green screen for 15 hrs
*<:-)( I'm Santa Claus
:-* Puckering for a kiss
:o) Smiling, with a clown nose
:[email protected] User is screaming
{(:-) Wearing a toupee
😀 Laughing
😎 Wearing glasses
😮 Shouting
>:-( Upset or annoyed
B-) Wearing cool shades
:'-( User is crying
:-{ User has a moustache
:-ss User drools
😡 User's lips are sealed
@>--,--- A flower
1^o Snoring

Below is an alphabetically list of Bingo Chat Acronyms to help your speed up your bingo chat so you can enjoy playing as well as chatting at the same time with fellow chatters.

10x - Thanks
2U2 - To you too
? - Please explain
?4U - Question for you
AAMOF - As a matter of fact
AFAIK - As far as I know
AFK - Away from keyboard
ASAP - As soon as possible
ASL - Age, sex, location?
ASLP - Age, sex, location, picture?
B4 - Before
B4N - Bye for now
BAC - Back at computer
BBIAB - Be back in a bit
BBL - Be back later
BC - Be cool
BF - Boyfriend
BFN - Bye for now
BOT - Back on topic...
BRB - Be right back
BRH - Be right here
BTDT - Been there, done that
BTW - By the way
CMIIW - Correct me if I'm wrong
CU - See you
CUL - Catch you later
CUL8R - See you later
CWOT - Complete waste of time
CYA - See ya
DIY - Do it yourself
EAK - Eating at keyboard
EOD - End of discussion
EOL - End of lecture
F - Female
F2F - Face to face
FCOL - For crying out loud!
FOCL - Falling off the chair laughing
FOFL - Falling on the floor laughing
FWIW - For what it's worth
FYI - For your information
G2G - Gotta go
GAL - Get a life
GAS - salutations
GF - Girlfriend
GFN - Gone for now
GG - Good game
GJ - Good job
GL - Good luck
GM - Good move/match
GMTA - Great minds think alike
H&K - Hugs and Kisses
HAGD - Have a good day
HF - Have fun
HOAS - Hold on a second
IAC - In any case
IAGW - In a good way
IC - I see
IDGI - I don't get it
IIRC - If I remember correctly
IK - I know
IKWUM - I know what you mean
IMAO - In my arrogant opinion
IMHO - In my humble opinion
IMNSHO - In my not so humble opinion
IOW - In other words
IRL - In real life
IRSTBO - It really sucks the big one
IS - I'm sorry
J/K - Just kidding
J/P - Just playing
JMHO - Just my humble opinion
JTLYK - Just to let you know
K - OK
KWIM - Know what I mean?
L8R - Later
LMAO - Laughing my a•• off
LMK - Let me know
LOL - Laugh out loud
LTR - Long term relationship
LYK - Let you know
M - Male
N - In
N2M - Not too much
NM - Nevermind, Not much
NMH - Not much here
NMJC - Nothing much, just chillin'
NOYB - None of your business
NP - No problem
OIC - Oh, I see
OMG - Oh my gosh
OT - Off topic / Other topic
PLZ - Please
PPL - People
QT - Cutie
ROTFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAO - Rolling on the floor laughing my a•• off
S2R - Send to receive
SCNR - Sorry, could not resist
SWAK - Sealed with a kiss
SWALK - Sweet, with all love, kisses
SYSOP - System Operator
TCO - Taken care of
THX - Thanks
TIA - Thanks in advance
TMA - Take my advice
TNX - Thanks
TTFN - Ta ta for now
TTYL - Talk to you later
TY - Thank you
TYVM - Thank you very much
U2 - You too
UR - Your
W8 - Wait
W8AM - Wait a minute
WB - Welcome back OR Write back
WE - Whatever
WNDITWB - We never did it this way before
WOT - Waste of time
WRT - With Regard To
WTG - Way to go!
Y - Why?
YMMV - Your mileage may vary
YW - You're welcome

How to Improve Your Online Bingo Odds

There are some key factors that determine your odds, when playing online bingo. The most important are the restrictions on the number of balls drawn in order to win the jackpot. Also, other things that may be important are how many players are in the game, and how many cards are being played in the game.

Most bingo offer a variety of games. Check the number of players and the payout total, then decide if it’s worthy to rise your money or not.

You shouldn’t just jump into a bingo game. Study when and where you can have more probabilities of win. There are people that, having gathered experience, know when to delay the game, when it is preferable to wait for a better game to come along nearby or maybe hours later.

How can you know if you are faced to a good or maybe not so good online bingo game?

A large majority of online bingo operators make it difficult to win top prized games. To win these games, you need to match all numbers on a card. If the operator bounds the number of drawn balls to less than 40, you’ll have practically no chance of covering a card. Maybe your chances could be increased if 50 balls were drawn, and if 60 or more balls are drawn, big chances that we’ll have a winner

Plan your attack by taking advantage of promotions and using your playing money wisely.

Get involved in the online bingo community, meet new friends and, remember the aim of playing: have FUN!

Online Bingo strategy

Because Bingo is a game of chance, there is little players can do to change the odds of the game. But here are some strategy to improve the game:· Don’t play with many cards. If you can’t watch all your cards, you are going to get confused checking the numbers being draw.

  • Don’t mark up your numbers to hard, if you do this, your dabber will probably leak
  • Be nice with your neighbors, don’t shout and beg for a number to come out
  • If you burn a number on your paper card does not mean it would be drawn
  • Once a night buy a card for a neighbor. He or she may do the same for you when you run out of money
  • Share your prize when you win. Give a lucky dollar to those near you. If they win a large prize they may do the same, and specially if they won because of your lucky dollar
  • If you really want to win at Bingo, play on night when the Hall is less crowded. Less crowded means less cards in game, that equals more wining chances. Buy as much cards per game, but remember not to buy to many, always be comfortable with the number of cards you are playing with
  • Don’t talk to much with your neighbors, unless you know them, because it could get to their nerves
  • Always carry tape with you. If you buy single strips I could come in handy to tape the back side of the cards to have them altogether and look quickly at them.

Bingo Terms

  • Access: almost all the bingo halls have an "access packet" (between 3 and 6 cards for each regular game) that you must buy. The "access packet" is different according to the hall.
  • Ball elevator: system that is used to lift the ball from beneath the playfield to the ball shooter tip. The ball shooter can be pushed manually to raise the ball for play or automatic.
  • Ball door: To enter at the playfield area the ball must pass under the one-way metal flap at the top of the ball runway.
  • Ball Runway: The channel along the right side where the ball is launched up by the ball shooter to enter the main playfield area.
  • Bingo Marker: to cover the numbers at the card game the players used a crayon or ink dauber.
  • Caller: when the numbers drawn appear one or two casino employees calls out them.
  • Card: each playing card.
  • Distributor o Supplier: every institution or person who obtains or purchases charity gaming equipment and sells, or otherwise provides charity gaming elements to a charitable organization.
  • Early Bird Game: The first game or a previous game before the "session".
  • Free Space: bingo cards has an free space at the center. You must cover the free space when the game start.
  • Game Board: mechanic display board, usually placed near to the "Bingo Board" that it represents a bingo card and shows what kind of bingo you are playing. For example, "Chevron", "Four Corners," "Blackout" and "Regular".
  • Game Family: when we sum the games with the same name and the same ticket.
  • Hardway Bingo: Bingo without the use of the free space in a straight line.
  • Inlaid Card: a 4x4 format pre-printed number card. It is common to put it into a table, and black discs are used to cover the numbers when they are called out.
  • Instant Bingo: Someone win if the ticket contains only the letters B, I, N, G, O; bingo numbers, bingo card faces; and no other symbols.
  • Moonlight Bingo: when the bingo games starts about 10 p.m. Call "Late Night Bingo" too.
  • Multiple Winners: when more than one player have bingo. In this case they must divided the prize.
  • Money Ball: a ball that duplicate the player winnings. Only if bingo is hit on the player number. On: when one or more cards of one player lacks just one number for "bingo."
  • Progressive: A jackpot prize that it increases daily, weekly, or monthly if nobody won in a specific number of calls.
  • Reno Night: an special evening reserved to play blackjack, roulette and other casino games.
  • RNG: Random Number Generator; electronic machine that pick the balls with numbers for a game of bingo.
  • Search Disc: its a special unit used to detect winning combinations
  • Serial Number:at least five characters printed on each card.
  • Speed Bingo: quick bingo’s version, you can get bingo with three numbers.
  • Warm Up: other name for a previous game before the 'session', like the "Early Bird".
  • Wild Number: in a double bingo is determined by the first number that appears. For example, if 25 is drawn, all numbers with five at the end should be marked off.
  • Wrap Up: we called thus to the last game of a "session."

Meaning of numbers at Bingo Calls

01: At The Beginning / Kellys Eye
02: One Little Duck
03: Cup Of Tea / One Little Flea
04: Knock At The Door
05: Man Alive
06: Tom's Tricks
08: Garden Gate:
09: Doctors Orders
10: Tony's Den
11: Legs Eleven
12: One Dozen
13: Devil's Number / Unluck For Some
14: Valentines Day
15: Young and Keen
16: Sweet Sixteen
17: Dancing Queen
18: Coming Of Age
19: Goodbye-Teens
20: One Score
21: Key Of The Door
22: Two Little Ducks
23: A Duck And A Flea / Thee And Me
24: Two Dozen
25: Duck And Dive
27: Gateway To Heaven
28: Over Weight
29: Rise And Shine
30: Dirty Gertie
31: Get Up And Run
33: Dirty Knee / Two Little Fleas
34: Ask For More
35: Jump And Jive
36: Three Dozen
37: A Flea In Heaven / More Than Eleven
38: Christmas Cake
40: Naughty Forty
41: Time For Fun
42: Whinney The Poo
43: Down On Your Knees
44: Droopy Drawers / Open Two Doors
45: Halfway There
47: Four And Seven
48: Four Dozen
49: Payout
50: Half A Century
51: Tweak Of The Thumb
52: Danny La Rue
53 Stuck In The Tree
54: Clean The Floor
55: Snakes Alive
56: Was She Worth It
57: Heinz Varieties
58: Make Them Wait
59: Brighton Line
60: Five Dozen
61: Bakers Bun
62: Turn On The Screw
64: Red Raw
65: Old Age Pension
66: Clicketty Click
67: Made In Heaven
68: Saving Grace
69: Any Way Up / Either Way Up
70: Three Score And Ten
71: Bang On The Drum
72: Six Dozen
73: Queen B
74: Candy Store
75: Strive And Strive
76: Trombones
77: Sunset Strip
78: Heavens Gate
79: One More Time
80: Eight And Blank
81: Stop And Run
82: Straight On Through
83: Time For Tea
84: Seven Dozen
85: Staying Alive
86: Between The Sticks
87: Torquay In Devon
88: Two Fat Ladies
89: Nearly There
90: Top Of The House / Top Of The Sho

Bingo Tips an Tricks

Here is some bingo tips for bingo players who play either bingo online and/or in a bingo hall. Some of the following bingo tips are more appropriate to the type of bingo player (online bingo player or bingo hall bingo player).

  • Bingo Tip #1 Try to avoid overcrowded bingo games, look out for the ones with a good balance of bingo players, that way you maximize your chances of winning a good size bingo pot.
  • Bingo Tip #2 Understand that there is very little you can do to influence or predict the outcome at.
  • Bingo Tip #3 If you’re looking for a good sized cash bingo prize, try the online bingo games that sell bingo cards priced at 25 cents. Play bingo.
  • Bingo Tip #4 Make friends in the online bingo community and you’ll never be alone again! That’s right, they’ll stand by you and give you advice any time of day.
  • Bingo Tip #5 Look for the bingo games with the best chat specials. This way you win extra bonuses and keep entertained any time of the day.
  • Bingo Tip #6 Look for the best deposit bonuses, you can double your playing money! For example, if you deposit $500 you get a 100% deposit bonus.
  • Bingo Tip #7 Be persistent, your luck will eventually bring you bingo cash prizes!
  • Bingo Tip #8 Never play more bingo cards than you can watch. Be careful of "play all you want", you'll end up going nuts trying to watch all your bingo cards.
  • Bingo Tip #9 Never bang while you are dabbing your bingo card. Dabbers work better if you dab lightly. If you bang hard chances are your dabber will leak.
  • Bingo Tip #10 Paper bingo cards with lower card numbers (free space #) tend to have the numbers closer together , card #1 (B: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, I: 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20). Longer games like Coveralls tend to draw numbers in sports close together. 16 17 then 19 and 20 come out. To win more coveralls, try to come in early and get the first set of paper bingo cards issued. On big nights managers stock the counter with plenty of bingo cards and usually the ones on top are the lowest free space number cards. Check the next coverall for yourself. Notice the flashboard. Lighted up numbers usually in sets by the 30'th number called.
  • Bingo Tip #11 Be courteous to those around you. Do not yell out loud the bingo number you need.
  • Bingo Tip #12 Share the wealth when you win. Toss out a lucky dollar to those around you when you win. If they win a larger jackpot, they could return the lucky dollar (ten fold), especially if they win with your lucky dollar.

Useful information about bingo game

Bingo is mainly a game of luck, not of skill, and should be played mainly to have fun. At, we provide you with bingo tips to use online or at ordinary bingo games in land-based bingo halls. you’ll find some useful information about bingo and some bingo tips to improve your bingo game:

  • Don’t ever play with too many bingo cards. Always be sure that you can keep track of all of your cards at once. If a bingo hall offers you the option of playing as many cards as you want, remember that you can’t keep track of all of them, and a win that you don’t call is worthless.
  • Don’t bang with your dauber, as it will make the dauber leak or explode, and you’ll end up with ink all over you.
  • The paper cards with smaller card numbers often have the numbers closer together. Longer games being played such as Coveralls are likely to draw numbers in spurts that are close together. In order to win extra coveralls, come in the beginning and be sure to buy one of the first sets of paper cards handed out. Usually when there are big nights, managers will supply the counter with an abundance of cards. Frequently the cards on the top are the smallest number cards. You may verify the next coverall by checking yourself. You will notice the flashboard with the luminous lights lighting up the numbers that are typically, after 30 numbers have being called out, in sets.
  • Act courteous to the players around you. It is considered very rude to shout out the number that you need.
  • Burning the number (on paper cards) does not necessarily give an indication that it will come out next.
  • Try buying a card for a neighbor once a night. It may come in handy when you run out of money.
  • When you win, share the wealth and the fun by giving a lucky dollar to other players around you. When they win a bigger jackpot, they might give back the lucky dollar or even more, particularly if they happen to win while using your lucky dollar.
  • One way to improve your chances of winning at bingo is to play on nights that are normally slower. Often on weeknights, there are fewer players in the bingo hall, increasing your chances of winning. If there are fewer players, there are fewer cards in play, meaning that you have a higher percentage of the cards in play, you are more likely to have the winning card.
  • A good way to get more out of bingo, especially online bingo, is to join a bingo chat room or a bingo newsgroup. You’ll find out where the best tournaments, the best bonuses, and the best games are.
  • If you’re losing, don’t let yourself get frustrated. Take a break, get a drink, and join the next game. If you’re playing online, you can set your cards to auto-daub while you’re away.
  • You can use the bingo board found in the front of the room, or on the game screen if you’re playing online, to check that you’ve marked off all the numbers that have been called.
  • The last three numbers that were called are always highlighted on the bingo board.
  • Some online bingo games have bonus balls. Bonus balls will often be a specific bonus color. If the bonus ball appears on your card within the winning pattern, you’ll get bonus points if you win. If it doesn’t show up within the winning pattern, or if you don’t win the round, you won’t get the bonus points.
  • Online bingo often has a count down to the next number called.
  • If you see a number like 23/75, it means that 23 of a possible 75 number have been called.

How to Play Bingo

Many Bingo Players play more than one bingo card at a time. If six bingo cards are played in one bingo game then every possible number from 1 -90 is covered and therefore, a number is crossed off at each bingo call. In the 60's and 70's, the bingo numbers were printed on ping pong balls which were randomly blown through a plastic tube when they didn't split to be announced by the "bingo caller". However bingo clubs now use computerized random bingo number generators and the bingo numbers appear on screens around the bingo club as well as being announced by the "bingo caller"

Naturally, bingo games vary in duration but all take several minutes to play. In 90-number bingo up to 60 numbers will be called before a bingo game is completed allowing for false calls (which if made the bingo card is NOT taken off the bingo player as some of the bigger club do). Bingo Prize arrangements vary from game to game played (and club to bingo club better value is had at the independent bingo clubs not the big National Bingo clubs) but are commonly available for 'a line' - the first player who is first to correctly cross off a horizontal line of numbers; then for two such lines and finally for crossing off all the numbers on a bingo card (a 'full house').

When bingo players complete the appropriate number of lines, they must shout 'House' or 'Here' to attract the bingo caller's attention before the next number is called to stop bingo play. The onus is on the bingo player to stop the game remember that you can NOT shout too loud it's your money.

The last number called must be on the bingo card in the winning combination because a 'late call' is invalid. Winning bingo cards are carefully checked and the bingo prizes handed to the winners. The cash in the envelope should also be carefully checked it's yours.

UK and Australian Bingo

Bingo in the UK is played in large halls with considerable cash prizes to be won. Larger commercial bingo halls join together, in one game per evening, and a large cash prize can be won by a single player in any of the participating halls.

In some circumstances, bingo is played for donated prizes and not for cash, such as in certain fund-raisers taking place in local halls or schools, for instance. These games are relaxed and fun for both young and old. The value of prizes in games like these vary, but they are usually in the range of about $1.00 – $2.50 for single lines, $2 – $5 for two lines and $5-$10 for a full house. Anything goes, and winners can receive prizes such as chocolates, ice-cream, or even free entry to a swimming pool.

Both Australian and UK bingo cards contain three rows and nine columns, and come in single or multiple books. Single books have ten pages of cards and each of these is of a different color. Multiple books have six single books, and each page is the book contains six cards that have the same color. These cards are joined, but can be pulled apart easily. Veteran bingo players will play six cards at a time, while newbies are more likely to play one book, or a single card.

Single sheets with six sections each can also be purchased (like a single page in a multiple book), and they are referred to as “flyers.” Players may purchase between one and six sections, according to the amount of money they have, as well as their level of experience. Flyers may be a little more expensive than books, but their prizes tend to be higher.

Bingo is very popular in larger towns, and play is more goal-oriented, with the hopes of winning a big jackpot. Small town bingo games are more about the fun, and can be considered more of a social event than a competition.

Numbers are called out rapidly by a caller, and it is vital that players pay close attention to these numbers and mark them down as fast and as accurately as possible. Numbers are called out until the first player shouts out BINGO.

When this occurs, game play ceases, and the winning numbers are checked. If a winner is announced, a new game needs to begin. If just one player calls “bingo,” he/she receives the whole prize, but if there is more than one winner, the prize is shared.

Cards are chosen for players in an online bingo game, with three to four cards distributed to each player. However, some games allow a player to take more cards. All online bingo games have callers, as well as a display board upon which called numbers are displayed. Daubers are not recommended in online bingo games as they will leave marks on your screen. Aside from this little wisdom, in many online bingo halls, numbers are automatically marked for players, so players have no need for marking numbers anyways.