Online players are often looking for bingo tips to help them win games online. Many of the bingo halls players’ visit have online bingo tips right on their sites.

These tips will usually be under rules or guidelines, but can give players an idea of how to play games that they haven’t encountered before.

For example, 75 Ball Bingo is very popular in American bingo circles, while 90 Ball Bingo seems to be the game of choice among UK bingo players.

However, both 90 Ball Bingo and 75 Ball Bingo are a lot of fun, as are 70 Ball Bingo, 52 Ball Bingo, Chat Bingo Games, Speed Bingo and Mega Bingo.

Wow, all those bingo games could get confusing. However, the end goal is the same – players need to complete a certain pattern in order to win the game.

There are many different bingo patterns that it is good for players to become familiar with. Many bingo tips deal with explaining patterns.

The most common patterns are the line (a straight line of bingo numbers in a solid, unbroken row). Bingo line patterns can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

There are also Four Corners patterns, Cross Patterns, and Coveralls. Coveralls can also be called Blackouts or even a Full House depending on where players are from.

Those are the most common patterns to learn. One great bingo tip is to know the pattern before players start playing any bingo game.

If players don’t understand the pattern they won’t know when they’ve gotten bingo unless they are using an autodaub tool.

Using the autodaub tool is another great bingo tip. However, not all online bingo halls offer this tool to their members.

The autodaub is a setting that you can turn on or off so that your numbers will automatically be covered on your bingo card as they are called off. Use of the autodaub can help players who have distractions make sure they get bingo without missing any numbers.

It is also a good tool for tournament play, or players who like to be playing multiple games at the same time. However, not all sites offer this tool and often players will have to rely on manual clicking off of their numbers as they are called.

One of the best bingo tips is to pay attention to terms and conditions. These apply to bonuses, games and chat rooms. Knowing these can help you get all you deserve at an online bingo hall.

Bingo Strategy

You can increase your chances of winning by buying in to more games, and buying more cards if you have the budget to do so. However, you should never play more bingo cards than you can watch.

Strategy goes out the window if you are playing more cards that you can check your numbers on and cover during playing time. If you buy more cards than you can keep an eye on you are just wasting your bingo money.

Another bingo strategy which can result in online fun is to play at multiple bingo sites. When you register at multiple online bingo halls you can take advantage of more bingo bonuses and free casino money as a new player.

You can also participate in more bingo promotions, bingo sweepstakes, and bingo refer a friend offers which can result in a lot of free bingo games and prizes.

More bingo strategies to make game play go smoother include learning about chat games.

Chat games give players an opportunity to interact with one another and play their favorite games at online bingo halls. Learning about chat acronyms can help you have a great chat game.

It’s no fun playing bingo when people are using terms like BRB, LOL and other chat acronyms and you have no idea what they mean. Not knowing chat acronyms can mean you miss out on special bonuses announced during the chat too.

You can also increase your chances at winning bingo by using the strategy of playing during slower times on a website.

That means you have less competition for games. However, it may also mean lesser jackpot sizes.

So, it’s a trade off. Also, with online bingo available 24/7 it may be hard to find a true down time on the popular online bingo halls. The best bingo strategy we have to offer you is play often!

Bingo Chat Games

Bingo chat games offer online players the best of two worlds. With bingo chat games players are able to play their favorite bingo games and patterns, and interact socially with other players who are also involved in the game.

This can make playing online bingo a lot more fun because players get to engage in social networking as well as play their favorite online bingo games with like minded individuals who also love the game.

There are a few things players should know about bingo chat games. Most bingo chat games will have a designated monitor.

The chat monitor welcomes new players to the game. This person is in charge of the chat and has the job of making sure that everything stays friendly.

The chat monitor will also announce any special promotions that may take place during the chat game, as well as announce the winner and when game play is over.

The chat monitor keeps the flow of the game going positively and moderates the chat window.
Bingo Chat Games

Bingo chat games do have certain rules. While these may vary in different online bingo halls and gaming venues, there are some good rules of thumb to observe. Most bingo chat rooms have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of abusive or threatening language.

Players should avoid ethnic, racial, sexual, political or religious slurs and topics. Shouting (typing in all caps) is also forbidden in most chat rooms and can be cause to get players kicked out of the game.

Bingo chat games are suppose to be fun, so make sure you read the chat room guidelines or rules for the online bingo hall or casino you are playing at. It’s no fund for a chat room monitor to have to moderate bad behavior or ban people from the game.

Another thing that is not very well tolerated in bingo chat games is mentioning other bingo sites, or complaining about the one you are playing at.

If you have complaints about a bingo chat that is going on, the first step is to take your concerns to the chat room monitor.

If your complaint involves any other aspect of the website you should contact the customer support or customer service staff with your concern.

Always remember that the purpose of the bingo chat room is to facilitate a fun online bingo game, so lurkers are often booted out of the chat room.