Playing bingo online is not as daunting as some people say, it is quite opposite. It’s easy to play and there are few rules to play the games.

Still not convinced? Read our beginners guide to help you on playing games.

Choosing your site

Whenever you are first arrives at a bingo site take your time to go through the site before sign up remember to look at the terms and conditions. Also ask yourself below questions…

  • Who owns the site?
  • From where the site is licensed from?
  • Does the site offer 24/7 support?
  • Can I try bingo game for free?
  • Has the site won any awards?
  • What bonuses and promotions are on offer?
  • What deposit and withdraw options do they offer?
  • Does the site have progressive jackpots?
  • Have they had any big winners?
  • How long does it take to get my winnings?


Once you are ready to try a chosen bingo site to try out you have to be register to the site. The registration process is quiet simple.

You have to fill all your details to the form including your name, address, email. Some sites will ask your credit card or debit card details to prove who you are.

This is not unusual so don’t be in panic, remember, the money cannot be charged from your account without your permission.

Choosing a bingo nickname

The real fun starts from choosing an alias name. This is basically your nickname and this will be referred to by Chat Moderators as well as fellow bingo players.

The fellow bingo players can be a weird and as whacky as you like but try not to make them rude but be friendly with them.

Entering the bingo lobby

Once you’ve completed the registration process you’ll need to login (some sites redirects you to login page when you first register to the site).

After login you will be navigated to the lobby where you’ll find a list of bingo rooms, the current promotions and jackpots also other things like a list of side games and total number of players (or Roomies) online and information on current and future promotions.

Take some time to explore the bingo lobby and get used to navigate around the site.

Let’s make that first deposit!

Doesn’t panic be cool when you are making your first deposit to play online bingo game? There is nothing to worry about deposited money. These online gaming sites are as secure as any online bank. We suggest you to make first deposit are in the region of $20.

Why? Well all bingo sites offer a 100%, cash match or welcome bonus on first deposit, which basically means you doubled first deposit. Once you’ve made your first deposit and learn how to play online bingo you will kick yourself for not taking more advantages of the welcome bonus.

Choosing a bingo room

There is a choice of at least three to four bingo rooms to choose from. Almost all the bingo sites offer 75 ball bingo with a 10p room and 25p room as well as the standard 90 ball 10c and 25c rooms.

It’s not uncommon to find 5c rooms and sometimes $1.00 higher roller rooms. We suggest you to go for a 10p room in a 75 ball or 90 ball game. This will allows you to try out the game without spending too much money.

Playing for the first time

Once you have got money in to your account and ready to play the game, when you are entered the bingo room you’ll see a sea of cards and a list of names in the chat box where people are chatting.

The Chat Moderators are welcomes you into the bingo room and introduce themselves to you. Respond to them they might offer you a free Bingo Buck to try out the site.

Take a glance at the ‘next game countdown’ which notifies you when the next round of bingo will begin. To purchase cards simply click on the cards you wish to buy. Then click on ‘Buy’ or ‘Purchase’. You will get a message Congratulations, you’ve just bought your first bingo cards!

The game begins when the countdown ends. Your fellow roomies will be chatting away.

Why not join in. It may take a while to get used to chatting, but in no time you’ll become an expert. Take a look at our bingo lingo section, by this way you can understand some of the lingo used in chat room.

Withdrawing your winnings

Withdrawing winning amount is the most important thing, first make sure what is the minimum withdrawal allowed by the bingo site. This can be between $10 and $30.

To withdraw the winning bingo amount make your way to the bingo lobby and click on the bank or cashier button.

Its simple process selects how much you wish to take out and the method you wish to use.

  • If you are using Paypal for bingo deposits and withdraws, you may have to wait from 1 hour to 1 day to get your cash.
  • If you’re using a cheque, bank transfer or debit card it can take anything from 3 to 7 days.
  • As the security measure, some of the bingo sites only allow you to withdraw via the method you cashed in. This will stop money laundering.
  • For the first withdrawal some sites may ask you a piece of id (photocopy of your passport or utility bill).This is for the protection of site owners and yourself.