Online Bingo Gets more and more Social

It seems that when it comes to social media, sites either embrace the change and become part of the social networking revolution or find themselves forgotten. Online bingo sites are no different.

And more and more bingo sites are embracing this change and coming up with ever more creative ways to offer their players the best possible bingo experience using social media.

This is nothing new for bingo sites. What is new, however, is how increasingly a host of very exciting promotions can be found exclusively on these online bingo site’s social networks.

So if you haven’t done so already perhaps now is the time to open a Facebook and Twitter account so you can truly enjoy the latest online bingo offers.

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Redbus Bingo

Redbus Bingo has a very impressive social media presence on Facebook with over 21,000 likes. Their Facebook page is a creative mix of everything from the odd joke to exciting upcoming promotions. There is also the odd appearance of Redbus himself to look forward to.

Redbus is used to create memes often drawing on popular culture in an attempt to promote something. And it’s clear this is working as the Redbus Bingo’s posts get hundreds of likes.

Such a Facebook page is part of Redbus Bingo’s commitment to keep online bingo fun and full of chances to strike it lucky.

ChitChat Bingo

Another online bingo site, Chitchat Bingo, has an impressive 20,000 likes. Chitchat bingo also uses their Facebook page to advertise promotions and ensures there’s no shortage of wit or humour to keep players coming back for more.

Chitchat bingo has created a page with a distinct personality often relying on evocative images.

The strength of the Chitchat bingo site lies in their attempt to engage with their players and develop a kind of friendship.

Twitter has also been used very successfully by many online bingo sites. Twitter as a social media medium is more restrictive than Facebook as it only allows for short 140 character posts. However, this does not make Twitter any less effective.

Tasty Bingo

Tasty Bingo has done a great job spreading the word about their brand using twitter. Relying on retweets Tasty Bingo was able to generate some buzz.

One of the things they did very successfully was interact with players by wishing them luck for upcoming bingo games.

Tasty Bingo has developed a reputation as a great conversationalist by replying to everyone on Twitter who mentions them. As a result, Tasty Bingo has an unbelievable 6,200 Twitter fans.

Some online bingo sites like Redbus Bingo have also started using YouTube to target new players. Redbus bingo has effectively used YouTube as a platform to promote upcoming competitions as well as to brand them as a fun and cutting edge bingo site.

One of their latest YouTube videos is a clip which features the Queen of England talking about her favourite number. This was in all likelihood done to promote the Diamond Jubilee as the Queen says her favourite number is 60.