More celebs get into the bingo craze

There are increasingly more famous Bingo players every year as more celebs get into the bingo craze.

In this section we’ll tell you more about the following celebs who love Bingo:

  • Robbie Williams
  • Katie Price
  • Denise van Outen

Robbie Williams

Itching to find out where Robbie Williams plays Bingo? Well look no further! When he’s not touring or in studio, Robbie would most likely either play at one of his famous friend’s private Bingo parties, or a hip club in the city.

Here is what makes London one of the hotspots for Bingo:

  • The best places for Bingo games in London are Mecca and Gala, and between them, they make up a staggering 8 million members!
  • The biggest Bingo spot in London is the Kilburn Mecca Bingo. Located in what was considered the biggest movie theatre in the country back in 1937, this Italian Renaissance masterpiece is as glitzy a venue as it gets.

While we can’t guarantee that you see the Rock DJ star at the local club, you have a good a chance to see Robbie Williams there as you would anywhere else other than the stage.

Katie Price

Glamour model Katie Price is fast becoming a regular face in the online Bingo world and is now just as likely to be seen on her favourite Bingo site as she is in the gossip pages.

Katy Price is a great example of a successful online Bingo ambassador who helps promote the game.

Denise Van Outen

Bubbly and outgoing Denise Van Outen is mad about Bingo, and is said to have even tried to convince her radio co-stars into attending a few sessions at her local club!

Denise is often seen out playing at one of her local Essex Bingo clubs, where she is a very popular player indeed.

So far, she hasn’t won any huge jackpots but she goes more for the fun and excitement than the money (it’s not like she’s skint!), and traditional type Bingo halls offer a great community spirit.

Who knows, you may just end up spotting one of these famous Bingo players one evening at your local hall!

Housie Players

Housie players in Australia love fast and furious Bingo action and callers in the country are amongst the fastest callers in the world. Keeping up may seem a bit daunting, but players soon get the hang of it and start having fun.

  • It is rumoured that actor Russell Crowe was once a Housie caller in Australia.
  • Another TV show star David Wenham (Diver Dan in Sea Change) once supported himself as a caller at a housie game in Marrickville Town Hall in Sydney.
  • There are quite a few professional Housie groups, who play big money games throughout Australia and Sydney. These groups tend to be larger however, so games are harder to win.
  • Housie fans in Aus prefer to play the old fashioned way – in a packed hall, with some great prizes to be won, and perhaps a raffle to win a bigger prize such a holiday or a car if they’re lucky.