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Best Online Bingo Sites For New Players

We know that even though online bingo sites broke onto the scene in the late 90’s, there loads of bingo sites that allow you to play online but although we believe choice is great for those that are looking to play their bingo online, knowing which are the best online bingo sites for new players can be challenging.

While there are so many sites out there looking to attract new players with appealing deals and offers for new players that sign up, unfortunately not all of them are what beginner players would consider being their ideal first home.

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In order to help you find the best bingo sites for beginners, our team have been hard at work getting players that are new to playing bingo online to sign up and use some of the biggest sites around, sharing their experiences with us to give you a list of bingo sites that are both user friendly and fun to play when you are just looking to start out.

Our team know that although a great sign up bonus is always a fantastic thing, there are other elements of a bingo room that has to be right in order to make it fun for new players to join.

Taking that into account, we spoke with the players that we asked to sign up to bingo sites that have never played online bingo before and asked them about the following:

  • The game selection
  • The price of games
  • Ease of navigating the website to find games of interest
  • The community/chat rooms
  • Ease of deposit
  • Site support (where applicable)

We believe that with the care and attention we put into trying to find the best online bingo sites for new players, we have the comprehensive list of all of the sites that any new online bingo players should definitely be considering as they look for their first taste of bingo action online.

Our online bingo site reviews have been created by our team of editors that have been playing bingo online collectively for more than a decade, giving them the experience and knowledge to be able to not only tell you about all of the good aspects of each of the sites that we feature but also give you a few of the less desirable aspects where they apply.

While we know that you are looking to find the best bingo site for your online bingo experience, we have found that there are just too many bingo site reviews out there that seem to glaze over what we believe to be important aspects that you should know about in order to allow you to make a more informed choice when picking a site to play.

That is why we have brought together over 10 different online bingo veterans that have played at not only the biggest online bingo sites but have also tried and tested some of the smaller brands too, searching for a diamond in the rough.

Real, Honest Bingo Room Reviews

We realise that you are looking for a bingo room that can offer you all of the thrill and excitement that online bingo has to offer, but you are looking to play your games on sites that not only offer you loads of great games but also meets all of your wants, needs and desires.

We take our mission to give you the chance to be able to make an informed choice of bingo room seriously and that is why our team of reviewers have been chosen based on their experience of multiple sites, giving them more than enough game time to be able to give honest, real reviews of all of the sites that we feature.

Our reviews are a little different to those that you might have seen elsewhere online, instead of trying to promote every room that we list, we will simply give you all of the information you need to make your own choice of which bingo site suits you the best.

Remember, if our reviewers find something that they believe to be a downside, no matter of what that is, we will have it featured and fully revealed in our review, so that you know about it before you sign up.

What Our Reviewers Look For

Online bingo was created to enable players just like you to be able to enjoy bingo from the comfort of your own home or on your mobile, wherever you are, but with every player looking for something slightly different to others, we knew that we had to be able to create bingo site reviews that covered as much as possible.

This way, we can provide all of our readers with in-depth, informative reviews that are designed to tell everything that each of the online bingo rooms has to offer, both good and bad.

We know that each of you will be looking for something a little bit different from other readers, for example, some will want the biggest game choice, others want big deposit bonuses and others just want to play at a site with a good reputation, and we have them all.

Here is just a small insight into what each of our reviewers will be looking to give you information about, but remember that each reviewer has free reign overall so each review will at very least cover:

  • Game Choice
  • Ease of Use
  • Bingo Bonuses
  • Promotions and Exclusive Games
  • Payment Options

We literally cover everything you need to know, no holds barred.