6 Celeb Gamblers, and what they won

Gambling is becoming increasingly popular, perhaps due to the rise in people who choose to play online. Online bingo is particularly popular among gamers because it is so easy to pick up and you can play whenever you want, wherever you want.

A lot of well known celebrities are avid gamblers, some of whom have won lots of money and have even invested in some famous casinos. Here is a guide to the top five celebrity gamblers and how much they have won.

1: George Clooney

You may remember his role in Ocean’s 11, playing a criminal that steals millions from a casino; however, Clooney’s interest in gambling and casinos goes beyond the silver screen. In real life he has taken an active role in the gambling business, investing an undisclosed sum in a $3 billion Las Vegas resort.

Clooney admitted that he could end up losing his shirt on this investment but he went onto say, “these guys are good at what they do”.

Clooney was famously spotted gambling with the cast and crew of Ocean’s11, playing blackjack. However, Clooney was losing a lot and despite what you might think, apparently he is notorious for having bad luck.

2: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt also invested some money in a Las Vegas Casino and while filming Ocean’s 12; the cast and crew enjoyed some late night poker sessions. According to reports some were as good as professionals, with Brad Pitt supposedly particularly savvy.

3: Ben Affleck

When it comes to big winners, Ben Affleck has got to take the crown; he is said to be the best gambler in Hollywood. A trained poker player, those who have played against him say Ben has great instincts.

He famously won $356,000 (?220,000) at the California State Poker Championships; he also recently won a charity poker tournament. What more could you want, movie star good looks, great acting skills, a celebrity wife and exceptional poker skills?

4: Matt Damon

Another great gambler from the Ocean’s 11 crew is Matt Damon who famously loves to play poker. He believes that a good poker player has to be skilled as well as lucky saying that a line in one of his movies is close to his actual view about the game:

“Why do you think the same six guys end up at the final table at a World Series of poker every year? Are they the luckiest guys in Las Vegas? No, it’s because they’ve got skills.”

5: Tobey Maguire

Better known for his starring role in Spiderman, Tobey also loves to play poker. He won $186,000 (?114,000) at a tournament recently and $2,000 (?1,200) later in another competition. Apparently he usually has the best poker parties at his house, with high stakes. Oh to be a fly on that wall!

6: Pamela Anderson

Last but by no means least, Pamela Anderson. Another fan of poker, Pamela is rumoured to have married Rick Salomon to pay off huge gambling debts. Sources say she had debts of up to $250,000 (?153,000) cleared.

So, there you have it. Gambling fans can rest assured they are in good company with the top five biggest celebrity gamblers including some of the coolest Hollywood A-listers.

You can play online bingo and try to make some serious money, with a lot of people scooping major jackpots in recent weeks. For those who are more interested in poker or roulette, online games can be a good place to hone your skills.