There are numerous ways to play Internet bingo games

Generally speaking, the object of any bingo game is to be the first person rightfully able to utter the word bingo. When playing bingo there are many different places to play bingo and many different spins on ways to play the bingo game.

Online bingo games

Online bingo games are bingo games played on the internet at one of the many Internet bingo sites. When playing an online bingo game, one plays with bingo players from all over the world and can do so from anywhere they have internet access.

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When playing at online bingo sites, a player typically receives a sign up bonus for registering an account with the bingo site and making a deposit.

The funds deposited and the bingo bonus money can then be used to play the various online bingo games that are hosted at the bingo rooms the site offers.

Free Bingo Games

Free bingo games are those games that charge nothing to play. Playing free bingo games is a great way to either learn the game of bingo or try out online bingo software that is new to you.

Some free bingo games charge nothing for entering the game and pay out cash prizes, while others charge nothing, paying out points that can be redeemed for cash.

Free bingo games can be fun, but the excitement of normal bingo games not only revolves around calling bingo, but also collecting the spoils for being the first person to bingo.

Types of bingo games

There are many different types of bingo games. Each style of bingo game has its own distinct features and rules.

90 ball bingo games

90 ball bingo is a version of bingo that is played with 90 bingo balls and bingo cards that have ninety numbered spaces and is most often played in the UK, Europe, and Australia. Each column of the 90 ball bingo card contains ten numbered spaces but there are also empty spaces within the columns and rows.

There are a total of nine columns on 90 ball bingo cards, with each column having eighteen spaces with all but the first column and last column having ten numbers (column one has nine, the final column has eleven bingo numbers).

To win a 90 ball bingo game, a player can win in one of three ways:

  • By covering all the numbers in a horizontal row on the 90 ball bingo card. This is called winning by getting a one line bingo.
  • By covering two horizontal rows on a 90 ball bingo card, you win by getting a two-line bingo.
  • When one section of a 90 ball bingo card is completely covered (fifteen numbers), this is called a full house bingo win. It is also known as getting bingo through a cover all.

75 ball bingo games

75 ball bingo games are the most popular type of bingo game in the USA. In 75 ball bingo, the players are given a bingo card with twenty-five spaces. One of the 25 spaces are a free space and is numberless, while the other 24 spaces contain numbers ranging from zero to seventy-five.

Unlike the 90 ball bingo game, players in 75 ball bingo games will not have every number that is called on their bingo card. A player can win a 75 ball bingo game by getting five numbers in a row, diagonally, in an x pattern, by coverall, or by special and unique patterns such as an explosion pattern. The rules of the specific game will tell you the ways you can win the actual bingo game you are playing.

Progressive bingo games

Progressive bingo games are those bingo games that have a progressive jackpot tied to them. The progressive jackpot is paid out if a player hits bingo within a predetermined number of calls in the game.

When this happens, the jackpot is paid to the lucky bingo player. If no player in the game makes bingo early enough, the jackpot carries forward to later bingo games until someone hits it.