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Step by Step Guide for Mobile Bingo in 2022

To play on your mobile, one must register an account with an Online Mobile Bingo site. Once registered you can purchase as many Bingo cards they desire through the cashier.

The software starts the game and is programmed to call out numbers between one and seventy five. Players have to compare the numbers called with the ones on their cards and the objective of the game is to make a particular pattern of numbers. 

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Online Mobile Bingo games are a lot like games at Bingo Halls, but there is more to do online. Most Mobile Bingo sites offer special tournaments, loyalty points, Chat and Bonus games to maximise the fun factor.

While there are some cash prizes a lot of Bingo sites chose award points that you can redeem for money or gift certificates. For example a straight line could be worth 20 bingo points, once you reach 100 points you can convert to a $5 gift certificate. 

Once you familiarise yourself with Mobile Bingo you will start to recognise the usernames of certain regulars and the Chat facility. This is where the players can meet and chat during games.

It is customary for players to congratulate winning players with comments like “WD” or “Well Done”. Bingo online is a very social game however this is not mandatory. 

Types of Bingo 

90 Ball Bingo
Made popular in Europe and the UK, this game offers three chances to win during each game. This makes for a fast paced game compared to 75 Ball Bingo.

There are separate prizes for the player that crosses off a single line, two single lines and a full house. 

75 Ball Bingo
Is the most common Bingo played in America, and the easiest form of online bingo you can play but with only once chance to win per game. Each game has a pattern which you must match in order to win the game. 

There is more than one way to win and the same player can win twice or multiple players can win. So someone could win with an L shape pattern and another person could follow up that win with a four corner pattern. 

These games are sealed. No one can see their cards until the game starts. Pre-Call games usually have large payouts and are classed as special events. 

Progressive bingo gives you the opportunity to win big money. The winner must get Bingo in a pre-determined number of calls. If no one wins then there is a rollover until the next round. 

Mobile Bingo Bonuses

There are three main types of bonus awards you’ll find at a mobile Bingo Room:

  1. Welcome Bonus — You’ll recieve this bonus for simply joining a mobile Bingo Room. They can range from £2.50 up to £20 and this is the most frequent type of mobile Bingo bonus.
  2. Deposit Bonus — You’ll recieve this bonus when you make a deposit into the Bingo Room. You’ll get back a percentage of your deposit and there’s usually a cap of about £100.
  3. Loyalty Bonus — Regular players at a mobile Bingo Rooms will usually get special bonuses for their loyalty. For example, active players may be given a £10 bonus every Friday.

Some mobile Bingo rooms may have other bonuses too. For example Mint Bingo will give you a £5 bonus if you refer a friend to their Bingo Room, and the Wink Bingo Room will give you 10% back on all of your deposits every Monday (known as the Manic Monday Bonus).

One thing you should be aware of is that some casinos apply special rules to bonuses which mean that you sometimes have to stake the bonus through a number of times before any withdrawls can be made. These rules vary on every mobile casino, so we advise you to check the casino’s promotional terms.

It’s well worth finding a casino with a good bonus scheme because you’ll get back a lot more for your money. Some mobile Bingo Rooms with great bonus packages include LadyLucks and Wink Bingo.