Mobile Bingo Heading for a Full House of Romantic Smartphone Users

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Cyber Bingo

Cyber Bingo

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The rapid rise and predicted explosion of mobile gambling has been helped by our insatiable appetite for mobile bingo.

For years online bingo was heralded as the next big thing and, after indeed proving a big hit, natural progression has seen the mobile bingo sector rise to prominence as collective mobile technology attracts more prospective customers.

If the latest figures are anything to go by, the mobile bingo population looks set to achieving ‘full house’ status during the next few years.

It has not been unusual for operators to see interactive gambling revenues increase during the last two or three months by over 25%, as tens of thousands of customers broadening their smartphone horizons, for example, download mobile bingo applications.

This new breed of bingo fan is at odds with our traditional view of older ladies having tea and biscuits in the village hall. The modern mobile bingo customer is typically a young woman who is well versed in what mobile technology has to offer.

And while the prospect of having a fun time while out and about is clearly an attraction for entertainment seekers, it seems that the bingo sector of mobile gambling has even more to offer – love.

Apparently the Facebook era has seen mobile bingo play the cupid role as thousands use their mobiles to enjoy bingo chat rooms.

There are a couple of key advantages here over standard chat rooms. The most obvious, of course, is that mobile bingo chat is part of a potentially life-changing entertainment package.

However, equally significant is how the actual bingo play itself serves not only as a common interest among these social mobile gamblers, but also a ‘distraction’ that allows people to chat at a more comfortable level than ‘chat only’ rooms.

Who would have thought in the days of ‘two fat ladies’ that mobile bingo would eventually be the source of romance?