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How to Cash Out an Online Bingo No-deposit Bonus in 2022

A no-deposit bonus is something which many online bingo sites provide to new customers to introduce them to the site and the games, and this type of bonus is generally used up when the member does this.

Tries out the site that is, there is no real need for cashing out a no-deposit bonus and very few sites would allow this without the player first having to meet some very specific wagering terms, so the one would cancel out the other in most cases.

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No-deposit bonuses are not large amounts, and if players were allowed to cash these out without having played them, ostensibly they could move from site to site, claiming these bonuses, cashing them out and not giving anything to the site in return.

So it makes absolutely no sense for and online bingo site to actually allow them to be chased out. Occasionally you come across a method for cashing out no-deposit bonuses at a site when you are reading the terms and conditions pertaining to bonuses.

But speaking of terms and conditions, it is always important for any new player at a site to make sure they have read and understood bonus terms and conditions before becoming a member, and to be sure they agree with them.

Some online bingo sites offer a good deal of bonus money during the course of making first deposits, re-deposits, for playing, winning competitions and loyalty.

In many instances, this bonus money cannot be cashed out, but any winnings earned from it can, and this is the general rule with no deposit bonuses too. In effect if you are for example given a no-deposit bonus of $25, and on you first attempt at playing, you spend $5 and win $200.

The $200 winnings are withdrawable after you have met their wagering requirements, but the bonus money is not, so you will still have a bonus balance of £10.

No deposit Bingo Bonuses in 2022

At other online bingo sites, if you meet the wagering requirements and withdraw your winnings, your bonus balance is reabsorbed back into the site and you have to start from scratch again earning bonus money.

Each site has its own rules which determine the management of bonus money in relationship to withdrawals, but at all sites the bonus and withdrawal are symbiotic.

In other words they live off each other’s needs. At an online bingo site where there is no “no-deposit” bonus available, there is obviously no need to have any concerns about withdrawing it, and this happens all too often these days.

I have seen quite a lot of evidence of these bonuses being returned to sites if possibly only on a limited time basis, but this is of very little concern to withdrawing them.

At sites where these sums are, say a pound and you can buy 10 or 20 bingo tickets with this money, blow the money, why worry about withdrawing it.

At sites where the no-deposit bonus is more substantial, take the same stance, it didn´t cost you anything in the first place, blow it, you might win some withdrawable cash.

Whatever you do, when you join an online bingo site, don´t go there with the aim of collecting no deposit bonuses, and getting out Scott free with them!

The principle of fairness applies to all partners in the relationship between a member and the site. If you want to withdraw your winnings, fine, blow the bonus money and have fun spending it, what on earth do you have to lose?

Absolutely nothing, because the money was never yours in the first place! In any case playing online bingo is meant to be fun, not a way to cheat a site out of no-deposit bonus money.