Bingo Games You can Play at Cyber Bingo

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Cyber Bingo

Cyber Bingo

$20 Free no Deposit Bonus + 40 Free Spins

Cyber Bingo continues to redefine and refine its perception in the eyes of its members. By offering opportunities to win fantastic prizes and rewards for playing the games they already enjoy, Cyber Bingo shows its members every day how much they are appreciated.

Bingo Games on offer at Cyber Bingo are divided between rooms with different themes and payouts.

The current rooms are operating regularly are the Classic Room, Pack and Line, Summer Room, and Bingo Freeroll. Some of the specialty game rooms have limited availability: the Diamond Multi-Bingo room opens at 6pm; the Tourney Room opens on Fridays at 5pm; and the USA Room opens Saturdays at 12pm.

These three rooms also offer pre-purchase cards, which can be bought any time. Read on to learn more about bingo gaming options.

Check Out These Sweet Bingo Gaming Options

The Classic Room box on the ‘Bingo Halls’ tab shows the current room prize as well as the progressive jackpot amount, the time left until a new game commences, the number of players in the room, and the purchase price per card (in this case 25¢).

Players can pre-order cards or just click the play button to wait for the next game to start. Pack and Line’s box features the same information, except cards are $1 each. The Summer Room’s cards are 35¢ each.

Bingo Freeroll is, like its name implies, free for members to play. Recent progressive jackpot amounts for this room have hovered just under $16,000.

Cyber Bingo Must-Play Saturdays Just for You

Every Saturday from 8pm until Midnight in the Tourney Room, Cyber Bingo gives members the opportunity to win huge prizes on these games:

Top of the Hour (a guaranteed jackpot $100/$250/$1,000 three-part game); the Mid Hour Game, where payouts start at $150 guaranteed; and the rest of the game, which are guaranteed $25/$50/$250 winners.

Check Out These Additional Offerings

8pm-9pm ET: 7 games on offer, with 5 games featuring $25/$50/$250 guaranteed winners. The other 2 games offer either a $100/$250/$1,000 guaranteed winner or $150 starting game and player wagers, respectively. 9pm-10pm ET: 5 games on offer, with 4 games featuring $25/$50/$250 guaranteed winners.

The other game features $150 starting game and player wagers.10pm-11pm ET: 5 games on offer, with 4 games featuring $25/$50/$250 guaranteed winners. The other game features a $100/$250/$1,000 guaranteed winner.