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Play Bingo Games Online at the Best Bingo Sites

Bingo can be quite difficult to win at as the house typically holds 40-60% of all money wagered as profits, which of course means that for every $1 you play, you’ll only get 40-60p back on it – unless you’re lucky of course!

Which is really what bingo is all about! However there are some strategies that could give you a bit of a better chance of winning.

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Find the best games – find the games that are most favourable in terms of payouts. Yes, bingo is fun but it is always best to have the best odds possible!

This information is not always advertised but if you can determine the best percentage payoffs when you have a choice of games then this will give you the best chances of winning!

Manage your money – this is always important whenever you are placing wagers. Limit the amount you spend on your cards to what you can afford – and stick to it!

Don’t get too carried away, as this can prevent you from limiting your risk to acceptable levels. Remember, even though you are not handing over ‘physical’ money, it is still coming out of your bank account!

Playing multiple cards – the more cards you play the more chance you have of scooping the prize!

To put it simply, if there are 50 cards in play and you have 4 of them, you automatically have four times the chance of winning than the person who has just one card. However, this does not give you better odds overall!

The odds of the game are what they are no matter how many cards you play. It is also worth remembering that the more cards you play the more the house will make out of you!

So you might be shouting ‘bingo’ more often but at the end of the day if you are spending more money on cards than your fellow players who hold only one set of cards then you need to be shouting bingo a lot more!

Therefore make sure you play the number of cards that give you the most pleasure and stay within your comfort zone both emotionally and financially!

Choosing non-duplicate cards – if you choose to play multiple cards choose cards with the least amount of duplication as possible. Look for unique sets that make more numbers in total. Enjoy yourself!

There is absolutely no point in getting involved in bingo if you are not playing it to have fun.

Bingo is after all a game which is played to be sociable, hence the huge community/forum/chatroom groups on most online bingo sites.

If you are just in the game to win then you are missing out on the opportunity of meeting lots of other bingo fans, who, whilst love shouting ‘bingo,’ also love the thrill of the chat! You can start playing for real prizes online

Bingo in USA

Due to the huge size of the US market, there is no doubt that all existing USA bingo site operators will attempt to grab a share of the market, and it is also clear that many new operators and sites will pop up as well.

Will bingo sites aimed at Americans differ from the current sites mainly geared for UK-based customers? Surely there will be a few cultural differences when it comes to lingo and promotional prizes, but the general facets are sure to remain the same.

Just like the British, it is sure that Americans will value the best bingo bonuses, sites that offer free bingo games and the sites featuring the largest jackpots.

British players will greatly benefit as well if online bingo is legalized in America. This is due to the fact that the variety of new sites coming online will provide for greater competition forcing all sites to offer even more generous bingo bonuses and jackpots.