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Bonnie Bingo

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If you enjoy playing bingo you will want to make sure that the game you play is fair and legal.

To ensure that this happens there are UK Bingo Regulations that have been set down to protect players on UK bingo websites. Read on to learn more about legislature in UK.

Why is the Gambling Act of 2005 Important?

These regulations are part of the Gambling Act 2005 and relate to the sections that discuss remote gambling, which is what online bingo is.

Any bingo website that advertises in Britain has to be licensed in an approved country and while many other bingo sites that are not licensed in these countries may be trustworthy, they cannot advertise in Britain.

What About Licensing, Terms and Conditions in the UK?

While each online bingo website that is advertised in Britain must be licensed in approved country the regulations of each site can differ slightly. To learn more about these on any individual site you must refer to the Terms and Conditions of that site.

However there are typical Terms and Conditions that all bingo websites will list, these include many basic rules across the board.

What are the Basic Rules for Online Gaming in the UK?

Players of online bingo must be over the age of 18 and they must be resident in the jurisdiction where online gambling of this type is legal.

Bingo sites will normally only allow one membership per household and this is only for personal entertainment purposes.

If you win money on a gambling website the management of that website unable to withhold payment until a person’s identity had been verified.

Anyone found abusing any free or welcome offers on an online bingo site will have their membership terminated immediately and they will not have any right to appeal.

Be Aware of Each Individual Sites Terms and Conditions

There are of course more rules and regulations that are set down in the Terms and Conditions of all online bingo websites but these are the kind you can expect.

As you would think without these and strict monitoring bingo in the UK would not be legal or fair, which is essential for any form of gambling.

These rules and regulations are in place to protect online gamblers, not discourage them.

So, be aware of the rules and play safe online bingo and casino games in the UK.