How to Play Bingo on a Budget

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For most of us who play bingo, budgets are necessary, no matter how much we dislike them.

We don’t have a source of unlimited funds to use as we like so we need to set aside our income in portions for all of our monthly expenses.

Of course within our monthly expenses we need to include some money for entertainment.

Our favorite type of entertainment is online bingo so every month we will set aside some money to play bingo.

Our personal bingo budget is $25 per week so we try to figure out what is the best way to stretch our bingo dollars and make it last for the entire week.

Play Bingo for Free

At the beginning our focus was on free bingo money. We checked out all of the top online bingo sides and found out which offered the best no deposit bonus.

Out of these sites we joined several of them and played for a couple of weeks without having to spend anything.

Our main objective was to see which sites were more fun, friendlier and offered the best value for money.

Most of the sites where we play bingo online did offer excellent free no deposit bingo bonuses except that when our luck was good and we did manage to win, we were unable to withdraw our winnings.

This was expected as we were playing for free after all, so after testing out several sites we decided that it was time to make a decision and choose an online bingo site.

In choosing this site we considered the fun and friendly factors first. There were several sites that we really enjoyed so it helped us to narrow our choices.

Next we looked at the best bingo bonus on offer and VIP levels.

We could clearly see that staying at one bingo hall and building up our loyalty bonuses was better than jumping around all the time.

Also, it was nice to see some familiar people when we logged in each day.

Our plan was to stick with our chosen bingo hall, frequently play bingo for a few months and see how it worked out.

Play Bingo and Have Fun

Jump ahead a few months and we are still at the same online bingo site. We are happy where we are and are keeping to our bingo budget.

But, somehow we feel like we are missing out on some big jackpots and prizes that other bingo sites are offering.

We decided to check out some more new bingo sites. We joined and again played the free bingo bonus. We signed up for the newsletters to keep up on the latest bingo promotions.

The problem is that between the original sites that we checked out and the new sites that we joined we were getting more than 10 emails everyday promoting the latest contest or bonus. We didn’t expect this.

We were actually just hoping to get an email now and again when something big was going on.

After a couple of weeks and a couple hundred emails we decided this was just getting annoying.

We unsubscribed to all of the bingo newsletters and found a great online bingo site that has all the latest offers and promotions so that we don’t bombarded with offers.

We now check in with that site once or twice a week to see if there is anything exceptional and we can also check the bingo reviews for more details on these sites and the best places to play bingo.

So now after six months we are still very happy with the original bingo site that we have chosen.

We are very loyal to that bingo online site, but we do keep our eyes open for some bingo promotions that are too big to avoid.

We have played at a few different sites when there is a huge jackpot, a new car, a trip or some other amazing offer. It is kind of like playing the lotto.

We play bingo games if there is a big jackpot, but most of the time we stick with our regular site that is familiar, friendly and gives us great value for our bingo dollar and they offer our favorite online bingo games.